Decision Optimization

Algorithm-based system for tracking and optimizing decisions

The number of calculations involved in drawing and shipping plasma can be astounding, with the volume and complexity quickly “outgrowing” a basic spreadsheet. In order to ensure regulatory compliance and streamline activities, plasma companies use ACCESS1 Health’s decision optimization software – an algorithm-based system that tracks information to allow optimized decision making.
ACCESS1 overcomes the issues with reliability, accuracy and regulatory compliance with solutions that automate, centralize and track these calculations. Not only are calculations more reliable, the comprehensive platform supports due diligence, good manufacturing practices and regulatory compliance, with fewer recalls and errors.
The platform can be easily and cost-effectively customized to meet specific corporate requirements and workflows.
Example – Calculating Anti-D

Most plasma centers use samples to estimate the potency of Anti-D due to the amount of time required for testing. While the standard calculation of decay rate is applicable to the majority of donors, two issues have arisen:
  1. A machine has been added so there are now more samples
  2. Some individuals have a much higher potency, so the standard decay rate is not optimum 
The center needs to store information about the individual donor and apply this different decay rate when the individual donates.  ACCESS1’s system stores the information from the sample to calculate that individual’s decay rate, then applies the algorithm when the donation is made.
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