Logistics Management

A comprehensive, proven system for intake, tracking and disbursement of plasma shipments

Managing the logistics for plasma involves big data, inventory management, information integration and tracking unique identifiers for each unit. To achieve maximum functionality, plasma logistics software must enable two critical elements that ensure product safety and regulatory compliance:
  1. Support for appropriate levels of human oversight and intervention
  2. Requisite notification tracking (lookback) and reporting features 
ACCESS1 Health has developed a software platform specifically for plasma logistics management that can be quickly and affordably customized to meet specific company needs. Already in use by the largest plasma collection company in the world, the ACCESS1 solution draws upon extensive experience in healthcare, business, technology and compliance.
The logistics platform receives information from a wide variety of sources (centers, blood banks) in a range of different file formats regarding different plasma products. The ACCESS1 software executes a series of verifications on the data, including file format, valid product codes, duplicate record checks, etc.  It automatically sends alerts to notify users about file receipt, data problems, flagged donor in the file, etc.
These automated alerts streamline and expedite logistics management by allowing users to focus on flagged areas rather than managing the overall system. Should a plasma unit need to be retried, the software identifies the specific unit and its storage location, and includes a process to verify that it was destroyed.
Accounting and quality assurance functions help track inventory aging by product type and shipment, allowing proper unit rotation and shipment and support regulatory compliance.
Inventory management and reporting features include:
  • Placed on hold
  • Wasted with required proof of destruction
  • Tagged as a lookback (notification and/or proof of destruction required)
  • Application of lab test results
  • Samples destruction date notification
  • Inventory placed in an order and shipped to customer
  • Production of required shipping documentation
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