Product Management

End-to-end solutions for plasma management, from donor registration through product distribution

Plasma collection centers must balance the privacy rights of each donor with the safety of the eventual recipient for each blood draw. ACCESS1 Health has created a comprehensive blood-donor management system that begins with donor registration and covers each aspect of the donation process through product distribution.
This platform, which can be easily and affordably customized to meet specific company needs, fully complies with FDA, HIPAA and EU requirements.  Donor information is gathered using an intuitive entry system that streamlines workflow and reduces unnecessary labor.
Once the blood is drawn, the system supports further verification, as well as labeling, bar coding and information entry. The ACCESS1 software not only supports tracking of the donor and unit, but also aggregates all necessary data and produces necessary shipping documentation.
ACCESS1 has integrated its extensive experience with plasma, healthcare, business and technology to create a software platform that meets the specific needs of plasma centers. In addition, the solution satisfies regulatory requirements without sacrificing efficiency and productivity.

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